Friday, 6 May 2011

2 Really Good Things Happened Yesterday!

The first really good thing ~ my sweetheart made Clear Toy (AKA Barley) Candy for me. It's pretty much just hardened sugar but if you want something sweet it's the ticket. I have been kinda grouchy lately and I think he wanted to sweeten me up! It's cooked in a pot on the stove and then poured into molds.

We don't have fancy molds but these are tiny muffin tins and the candies come out like discs.

Above is the finished product ~ only there's not as many of them now!

The second really good thing ~ The doctor's coat I ordered for my grandson's 3rd birthday arrived. I was able to give him a doctor's bag with the instruments on his birthday which he really liked (I guess every little boy likes to play doctor!). He looks great in the coat ~ very professional I think. The coat has Dr Baggs embroidered on the pocket.

The bag with the instruments has Dr. Baggs on one side too but you won't get to see it. He wouldn't pose for us yesterday. Oh well, that's OK, there will probably be many more opportunities.

Here he is getting ready to do some "doctorin" on his mother.


  1. Mmmmm! Barley candy...all I can think of is big honkin' pieces at Xmas time with my constant slurping. Now, if Dr. Baggs is ever on-call, perfect, he'll be getting calls!

  2. Hey Corinne, maybe Dr.Baggs can 'attend' to your knees and 'fast-track' the whole thing!
    I always LOVED Barley Toys! A staple at the Cuvelier house at Christmas as well.