Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A note from my doctor!

As disappointed as she is Corinne won't be blogging actively for some time to come. I have been her doctor for a long time now and I have never seen her in such distress. The arthritis pain she is suffering from is at times extreme. When not extreme it is a relentless agony and does not permit her to have a good night's sleep or be active throughout the day. Medication has not helped, in fact each one tried has worsened her situation for days after taking it.
Corinne's doctor. 

OK ..... you're right he didn't write the note! I just want you to know I will be back. Bits & pieces for awhile and then in full force. It is important to me that you understand the couple of entries I did were not just ~ been there, done that ~ I really liked blogging and can't wait to get good at it.

Thanks for understanding and please keep checking back ~ I will return and I will be in good form too. I expect I will have knee replacement surgery ~ let's see how much of that I can capture.



  1. Corinne, sorry to hear that you are in constant pain! I hope you get that new knee ASAP.....I know it will take some time before you get an operation. Hang in there and we look forward to your 'bits and pieces'.

  2. Yes...take your time with your entries...keep us wondering... that's a good one. Hope things work out and pain free.