Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Dinner

I'm (only) 2 days from the event, I'm moving slowly lately!

The only reason this is worth saying is because I haven't cooked a meal like this by myself for a very long time!

So, the day has arrived and the table is set waiting for the guests.
See the place without a blue Pyrex bowl? That is for my two (will be three in a week) year old grandson.
When the guests arrived we were given a large bouquet of red tulips ~ looks better than the fake yellow roses (did they trick you?)

It's not Easter without a little bit of "dress up"

From left to right Xander, his uncle Marty (Martin has MD), maternal grandfather Gary and paternal grandfather Walter.
We served a cheese, cracker & grape plate (you can see it in the photo above. Then I served Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers. This is a favorite and they are not as hot as you might think.
Served on a green Fire King platter.
Then we went to the table, the first course was a Spring Salad with Yogurt Dressing served with baked Cheese Crackers (boy were they good!). Plus a Vegetable Smoothie Drink.

Then we moved on to the main course. This included Spring Vegetables with Shallot Butter, Roasted Carrots with Coriander & Fresh Mint, Rice Pilaf with Leeks & Tomatoes, Roasted Turkey Breast and an Apricot-Raspberry Glazed Ham.

This was obviously a meat lovers plate! Here is my son Adam, his wife Amy and Alexander (aka Xander) enjoying their Easter dinner.

Then on to dessert ~ this was Lemon Ice (this is a wonderful easy dessert) and Egg-cellent Sugar Cookies with of course tea or coffee.

The clear dishes are Anchor Hocking Manhattan. I love using them, they are elegant and stylish. They look good with any table setting too!

This was truly a wonderful day!
Not like today will be ......... I have to do our income tax! See you in a couple of days (probably).


  1. Truly wonderful indeed Corinne! Great job kiddo!
    Love that Manhattan too! Looks great. Now relax.......

  2. OMG...now that's a spread...you are a "gourmette" imagine that and you've been hiding another skill from the world. Had to snicker with the pic of the guys on the sofa...I missed Xander completely and got all the descriptions messed up...I thought Xander was a yellow cushion...do I need new glasses...yes would be the answer.
    Manhattan and Pyrex....mmm mmm good!