Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Would you believe ... another rainy day!

I got stuck with a big job today ~ Easter dinner! There should only be 9 at the table so that helps. I'm working on the menu now, looking for easy dishes where a number of them could be made ahead. I think I've found what I need, their stuff looks great in the pictures I can just imaginge what mine will look like. I think I'll give everyone a pair of very dark glasses to wear when they come to the table. Yeah, yeah don't laugh, I'm not the cook in the family. It's like the perfect storm hit ~ it's our turn to do a holiday meal, my personal chief got sick (get well soon Walter) and I can hardly walk because of my friggin knees. Bon Appetit!

The first blog I wrote I showed a piece of folk art by Ransford Naugler. Here are two more, these are half birds ~ meaning they are flat on one side so they are perfect for hanging on the wall, not that you get the bird's front or the back end only. The first pic is of me and Ransford, see all the pictures on his wall behind us ~ they are pictures people sent to him of the art he made for them. He is a great guy!
This one is Walter and Ransford with the other bird ....... check out how Walter's wearing his hat, he's looking to start a new trend like the teenagers do wearing their pants to their knees and their belts 5" above their waists!

It's probably best to write about current things but it's raining, I have two score knees and there is a lot of catching up to do!


  1. Cooking for 9 eh!? Well, I'm sure will be a great coach!
    Knowing you I am sure it will be superb. Have a great one Corinne.

  2. Cool folk you knows the coolest people! Walter looks fine in the saggy baggys...just glad he has his undies on ;-)