Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The door is opened a little wider.

It's a rainy day and since I don't have a dog to make me go outside, I'm staying inside where it's warm and the wind doesn't go through you. It's not as easy as it sounds to be without a dog. We've had dogs since Walter & I have been together, sometimes as many as 3. I'm not completely onside with my husband's decision to not get another one but I'll humor him for awhile. If we never get another one then the saying "saved the best for last" is true. As wonderful as our other dogs were Picasso was the king. He brought a smile to everyone's face, even people who didn't like dogs liked him. I still miss him so much ....... see for yourself what a looker he was (he was more beautiful inside).

I guess it's not fair to only show his picture. Here is his sister Maggie Muffin, she was a great dog too but she was very bossy and had Picasso under her "paw".

I couldn't find a picture in my folders of the bloodhound we had but I know I have one. I'll find it and post it later.

I want to share my collections with everyone, I think collecting completes a person. We all have the primal need to collect and gather and those who do not give in to this are at serious risk of becoming boring. J/K

Here is a collection of pee pot tops ~ yes! you read it right! And where would be the best place to display this collection? ~~~ Yep! You guessed right, in the bathroom -  I knew you were smart!

I have them on two walls of our upstairs bathroom. As you will see I still need more, I've filled in the spaces with framed funny postcards from the 1940's. It's cramped quarters taking the pics so they're not perfect.

It's time to stop having fun here and go have some fun on eBid.net
Later, Corinne


  1. Your dogs are adorable and I can tell they had a lot of personality. I have never heard of pee pots nor even seen any! I'm not sure Oklahomans ever used pee pots back in the day....with thousands of miles of prairie, one only need step out the front door of one's sod house, I imagine. Anyway, I came blog-hopping from Vintage Christine's blog...oh she is such a hoot! Thought you'd like to have another follower and reader.

    Liz (aka Ninny)

  2. I remember Picasso Corinne. He was a great dog with personality!
    Hey, you are in great company here Corinne.....Liz and Christine!......the 'Queens' of collectors and a good eye for finding 'treasures'!

  3. Gees I feel like I need to go to the bathroom now...JK....LISTEN UP...if you ever need a dog fix..you know where to "amble on down" the yellow brick road...to the LT boardwalk and Sophie will LICK you...gees she exhibits very little decorum it seems. wink wink!

  4. Liz, You're so lucky to have never needed (the formal name) chamber pots! Back in the day on a snowy cold night in the north you either didn't want to or couldn't find your way to the outdoor facilities. bbrrrrrr