Thursday, 21 April 2011

It's just fog!

It was lovely to wake up this morning and not hear rain, no sun though ~ well I'm sure it's up there somewhere but from where I stand I'm left wondering.

So the noncook (or uncook) ~ that's me , went to the grocery store today with the list I complied last night from all the recipes I'm following for the "scariest" Easter dinner ever! Now you know I'm not a cook and you're probably saying she's not a blogger either! I guess I'm supposed to take my camera everywhere, no fretting -  I'll learn. Here is a past photo of the only other time I cooked.

(This is cooking with Hope & Grace)

My knees are hurting so much I didn't even stop in the thrift store! I KNOW! It may be the first time in my life I didn't go to one when I could have. Since I have looked at some awesome finds on other blogs I thought I'd show a past find (fairly recent).
This little gem is a Newcomb College Pottery Coaster.

I couldn't believe my eyes thrown in with true junk! I was trying to imagine the rough route it had taken to get to the bin it was in. ............. I grabbed it! It was in perfect condition!
The letter marked showed it was made in 1910. I sold about a month ago through an auction firm in New York.
Finding things like that just keep adding fuel to the fire.


  1. Corinne, you are such a natural!
    We've been looking for an NC anything lately.....none yet! lol
    Good luck with the cooking.....or should I wish the 'eaters' the luck?

  2. Now I gets to really see the Newcomb C P coaster..a beauty for sure. You didn't stop into the thrift store...OMG...this wet weather is so hard on the joints. OK...cameras are a must when going on excursions click click...and presto a post for today...simple!